About us

Introduction about FSI

Established since 2007, through years of construction and development, FSI has remained faithful to the mission: Based on customer’s demand knowledge, we provide advanced technology solutions to bring highest efficiency for customer and partner.

Development history

Established on November 6, 2007, FSI is known as a market leader in the field of digitization solutions. In addition, FSI is a specialized importer and distributor of marketed scanners with leading brands such as Rowe, SMA, Plustek , Kodak, Fujitsu, Canon, HP.
Representative milestones


• Top Viet Nam’s 50 Leading Information Technology Companies

• Doc Pro software awarded: Sao Khue recognition of excellent software 2016

• Young Entrepreneurs capital 2016

• CIO Asean Awards 2016

• ISO 9001: 2015 certificate in quality management

• Successful deployment of digitization projects, building a database on business registration, land, civil status, planning for the departments, key district in Hanoi


•Top Viet Nam’s 50 Leading Information Technology Companies in 2015.

• The exclusive distributor of 3D Scanner of LMI (Canada)

• Chairman Of the Board of FSI: Top 10 Excellent Young Entrepreneurs of 2015


• The exclusive distributor of large format scanner of Rowe, SMA (German) in Indochina.

• The Gold partner of Kodak and Fujitsu scanner

• ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate in information security is accredited by DAS -the United Kingdom

2013: Successful development of Doc Pro document management software integrated Vietnamese recognition technology

2012:  The exclusive distributor of Plustek scanner

2011: The Gold Partner of HP scanner.

2010: The Gold partner and Canon products authorized service center.

2009:  The Gold Partner of Kodak scanner

2008: Agency official distributor of Canon, HP, Epson

2007:  Established

Mission: Based on customer’s demand knowledge, we provide advanced technology solutions to bring highest efficiency for customer and partner.
Vision: Construction FSI become the brand top 10 Southeast Asia to documents digitization

Human resources:
Personnel quality : FSI team of high quality personnel is trained at domestic and foreign, enthusiasm, love job, good specialization and has many years of experiences in the following fields:

• Document digitization equipment consultant and deployment

• Document digitization software development and deployment

• Document digitization consultant and deployment services

• Building IT infrastructure system integration

• Scanner maintenance and repairing services

• Languages: English, Japanese, Russian …

The training of personnel: 100% personnel is participated in regular training at the company and the prestigious training center in the market as well as being trained in large technology companies in Vietnam and the world.

Cơ cấu ban điều hành và ban kiểm soát

Business philosophy and Core Values

 Business philosophy

- Conscientious for the goal and success of customers.

- Creativity in both thought and action.

- Professionalism from working attitude and style to professional skills and long-term commitment.

- Harmonious combination the benefit of customers, employees, shareholders, partners and the community.

Core Values

• Dedicate

• Earnest

• Creative

• Prestige

• Unite

-  Cống hiến
-  Tận tâm
-  Sáng tạo
-  Uy tín
-  Đoàn kết

FSI’s Culture:

FSI directed to build a professional work environment, solidarity and openness, creating opportunities for all employees are developing professional skills as well as improving ourselves. Each employee is a part of FSI, together to build the sustainable development FSI with common sense:

• To customer: Dedication, commitment and flexibility

• To colleagues: Solidarity, sharing

• At work: Dynamic, creative, responsible

• To suppliers, partners: Prestige, professional

• To communities: Sharing, understanding